Mission and Goals

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Our Mission is to provide educational and support services to new parents and families. To empower special needs individuals and help them to become more independent. To promote community integration and together celebrate the lives of people impacted by Down Syndrome and other special needs.


FDSWF Goals provide a foundation on which to meet the demands of the future. We strive:

· To provide accurate and up-to-date information to new and expectant parents.
· To change people’s attitudes about Down syndrome and promote respect and esteem.
· To enable people with Special Needs to speak up and be heard.
· To help individuals become a productive part of society.
· To provide financial and social service support.
· To train volunteers to represent and promote “best practice” programs in meeting the needs of all individuals with Down syndrome and their families.
· To create a community that embraces, supports, and inspires individuals with Down syndrome to live happy, healthy, full-filling lives.


· We are TRUSTWORTHY in our daily responsibilities.
· We use EMPATHY in our interactions and RESPECT toward others in all that we do.
· We COLLABORATE and create PARTNERSHIPS within our community.
· We are DEVOTED, investing our time, effort and energy to our mission.